Project management consists mainly of conducting construction projects, usually on behalf of a client. Ground field characteristics, environment, and the regulatory framework constrain the project.

The act of construction is complex and requires an incredible general knowledge that is constantly being advanced for each project. Common sense is usefull but it is not always enough. The construction management mission is delicate since it places the one who realizes it between two fires; on the one hand the customers that must be satisfied and on the other hand the entrepreneurs behaving sometimes like great children that have to be framed. For many uninitiated, completing a construction project can become an obstacle course. Many discouraging pitfalls can wander here and / or there, they are often very unpredictable. Add to this a set of incalculable and unknown element such as “PLUi, déclaration préalable, déclaration d’ouverture de chantier, de fin de chantier, dommages-ouvrage, étude de sol, bureau d’études techniques, CCAP, CCTT” proper to the French administration; make it even harder to lead any project; the jargon of the building world can quickly become a puzzle …


With this in mind, and more than 15 years of professional and personal experience, I propose to assist you in this universe to complete your projects in the best possible conditions.

Using a project manager allows you to have a single interlocutor.



  • Complete Mission – Coordination – Construction Economics:
  • Building permit.
  • Building permit + implementation plan.
  • Building permit + implementation plan + business consultation.
  • Site monitoring: planning.
  • Or services according to your needs.

In pre-project phase:

Soil survey approach – thermal study – Establishment of plans – Consulting

At the start phase of construction:

Procedures for the management of the building site: Water and electricity supply – Construction site cleaning – Management of the pro rata account companies.

Procedures at the end of construction:

Final electrical connection steps.

Telephone connection procedures.

Control of the good execution of the building site and the follow-up of invoicing.

Additionnal offers:

Assistance in signing and contracting.

Definition of the project in consultation with the different actors.

Establishment of quantitative and qualitative descriptions.

Site monitoring with control of the respect of the plans.

Reception of construction site until the lifting of the reserves.